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Mon, July 9th  6:00 PM to 8:00 PM


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In its 23rd year, this event brings together the six summer swim clubs that sponsor teams with participants from Upper Dublin Township and the surrounding vicinity, including Fort Washington, Manorlu, Manufacturers’, Maple Manor, Oreland, and Sunny Willow.  Sponsored by the Upper Dublin Aquatic Club (UDAC), the Relay Carnival provides an opportunity for swimmers and their families and friends to gather over the summer.

The Relay Carnival was created in 1996 as a cooperative effort between UDAC and the Upper Dublin High School swimming teams, designed to promote swimming as a sport, Upper Dublin as a community, and the FUN of athletic competition.  Many participants also represent neighboring communities and area schools.  In 1998, the event was named for C.J. Martin, who swam for Fort Washington and UDAC for many years and was a member of the UDHS swim team.  This year, as we gather again, we celebrate his love of the fun and spirit of competitive swimming.

Please join us for an exciting evening of competition, from the first 8 & under relay through the thrilling all-ages Grand Slam Freestyle relay and the eagerly anticipated Parent, Alumni and Coach/Lifeguard relays.  Who will take home the Bucket, the Lamp, the Chair and the Boot this year?  Cheer loud, swim hard, catch up with your friends, and most of all, have fun.

A special thank you to Manorlu Swim Club, their members and volunteers for hosting this year's event.  UDAC invites everyone to stay for an hour of music and dancing following the awards.

C.J. Martin Relay Carnival Shirts from Past Years

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C.J.  inhaled his very first breath of chlorine at the tender age of two months.  While his older sister and brother were competing for the Upper Dublin Aquatic Club in the winter, and Fort Washington Swim & Tennis Club in the summer, he followed along to “watch”.  He could usually be found in a hallway or vacant corner playing with his Matchbox cars while his siblings competed.  He was no stranger to the pool or to competition by the time he started his aquatic career at the age of five and a half years.  His first coach at the Fort called his young swimmers the “pole patrollers” because they practiced in the diving well and a guard stood duty with a long pole, just in case...

C.J.  performed his first competitive ‘belly flop’ start in an unofficial race at the Fort in 1987 and that, as they say, started it all.  It was the beginning of not only his swimming career, but also stoked the competitive fires in a variety of sports that would include baseball, football, soccer, basketball, ice hockey, and lacrosse.  Over the years most of these went by the wayside, while lacrosse and swimming quickly became his favorites.  As an attack man in lacrosse, he brought speed, a hard shot, and an intense competitive spirit.  His strength, however, was swimming.  As he grew through the years and practiced his strokes, he developed into a strong backstroker and an even stronger butterflier.  He briefly held a few records at the Fort, and at the high school level he qualified for PIAA District I Championships in butterfly as a freshman.

Even though C.J.  loved the competition, what he really enjoyed most were the friendships and fun experiences that grew out of spending countless hours practicing with teammates.  He was always fun loving, and seemed to thrive on getting the most out of each and every situation.  His teammates, friends, and family would all agree that C.J.  was fun to be around, that’s for sure!  Whether clowning around with friends or entertaining family and relatives, he was truly the life of the party!

Aside from his many athletic endeavors, C.J.  enjoyed participating in outdoor activities.  He started tent camping with his family at the age of eight months and continued with both his family and Boy Scout troops.  Family ski trips were an annual event and although he never quite got the hang of snowboarding, you couldn’t say he didn’t give it his best!

One of C.J.’s most endearing personality traits was his devotion to his little sister, Kelsey.  He was always careful to insure her happiness and paid her a great deal of attention.  When she stood on the starting block at Fort for the first time, he was standing right there to watch her ‘belly flop’ start and to offer her encouragement.  Isn’t it funny that Kels has turned out to be quite a backstroker and butterflier herself?!

Of course there was also a ‘flip side’ to C.J.’s personality.  Just ask Coach Vikye or Mrs.  Morrissy how stubborn he could be.  And Coach Melissa might want to tell you about the dance they shared at a Sharks swim team banquet when they were no more than ten years of age!

The relay carnival was always a good time for C.J.  It was an opportunity to reacquaint with friends from school and to compete for bragging rights.  His absolute favorite event was the T-shirt relay! Both years that he participated in the summer relay carnival, he could be found at the pool early helping his Dad set up the team areas and clowning around with friends who were already on deck.  His spirit is alive at each and every relay carnival that takes place and his family is proud of the honor bestowed upon C.J.  that the event now holds his name.  Thank you!

The Martin Family