UDAC defined groups or "teams" are based on several criteria including the following: training focus, expectations for practice and meet attendance, plus several goals for the swimmers in that group to strive for. Group assignments will be based on experience, past accomplishments, age, stamina and skill. Each "team" will have a dedicated UDAC coach. As athletes progress, the opportunity exists for athletes to move up and form a new set of goals. Please work with us and help us to build this program into what it truly can become: the best possible competitive aquatics experience for each and every athlete.

First level full SAL-team group for those with some competitive experience. Swimmers must be legal in all four strokes. This competitive group will emphasize all strokes, turns, and conditioning. All 9 & older swimmers are required to compete in all SAL dual meets and UDAC’s Rocktoberfest, and may participate in SAL invitationals, as well as USA Swimming meets. Recommended attendance: 3 out of the 5 practices offered.


Berman, Zachery 

In, Jonathon 

Pesti, Korinna 

Boyd, RJ 

Jia, Katherine 

Pilling, Alexander 

Boyd, Wilson 

Kohlbrenner, Johnny 

Price, Lauren 

Broome, Christian 

Lau, Ryan 

Qi, Charlotte 

Caldwell, Michaela 

Liu, Peter 

Reardon, Tess 

Carboni, Lauren 

Luciani, Anna 

Rossmeisl, Hannah 

Crane, Ellen 

Luviano, Jack 

Rubin, Regan 

Cubit, Tommy 

Magge, Ella 

Russell, Eliza 

Deng, Thomas 

Marin, Jessica 

Russell, Eliza 

Dinkel, Paige 

Marzarella, Henry 

Schaefer, Julia 

Dougherty, Emma 

McCarthy, Finn 

Shah, Kayra 

Fricker, Ava Rose 

McKee, Megan 

Shah, Kayra 

Fricker, Grace 

Meitner, Ellida 

Sharp, David 

Goldberg, Cobi 

Morina, Marco 

Simons, Jackson 

Gong, Amy 

Morina, Mela 

Stelling, Erica 

Gorman, Dan 

Netter, Eddie 

Suc, Max 

Grande, Maddie 

Nicholson, Nazhe 

Szautner, Mikaela 

Green, Brandon 

O’Brien, Kasey

Xiao, Eileen

Heisman, Andrew 

O’Brien, Shawn 

Yoon, Michael 

Hong, Haley 

O’Kelly, Nolan 

Zhong, Judy 

Hong, Katherine 

Oh, Catherine 

Zhou, Jane 

Parsons, Jennifer 

Zimmerman, Ryan