UDAC defined groups or "teams" are based on several criteria including the following: training focus, expectations for practice and meet attendance, plus several goals for the swimmers in that group to strive for. Group assignments will be based on experience, past accomplishments, age, stamina and skill. Each "team" will have a dedicated UDAC coach. As athletes progress, the opportunity exists for athletes to move up and form a new set of goals. Please work with us and help us to build this program into what it truly can become: the best possible competitive aquatics experience for each and every athlete.

First level full SAL-team group for those with some competitive experience. Swimmers must be legal in all four strokes. This competitive group will emphasize all strokes, turns, and conditioning.  Members of this group will be encouraged to compete in most or all SAL dual meets and may participate in invitationals, as well as USA Swimming meets offered (including Middle Atlantic mini-meets).

Minimum Expectations: must attend 2 practices a week, 4 SAL dual Meets, and we strongly encourage swimmers to try a USA meet.


Alex Pilling

Jack Vitella

Mikaela Szautner

Allison Courtney

Jackson Simons

Miles Bondi

Allison Marin

James Peng

Nicholas Donofrio

Andrew Heisman

Jennifer Parsons

Nolan O’Kelly

Anthony Koh

Jonathon In

Peter Liu

Ava Brennan

Jordan Kressman

Pippin Lochstet

Charlotte Kassar

Katherine Hanlon

Rebecca Waldron

Christian Broome

Kayra Shah

Ryan Lau

Cole Coffey

Lauren Carboni

Ryan Zimmerman

Daniel Gorman

Luke Mastroni

Sarah Freeman

Ella Magge

Maddie Grande

Shawn O’Brien

Elsa Chabella

Marco Morina

Tess Reardon

Erica Stelling

Mason Kullmann

Thomas Deng

Evan Boratto

Max Suc

Wilson Boyd

Haley Hong

Mela Morina

Zachery Berman

Hannah Peirce

Michaela Caldwell


Each UDAC Training Group has recommended attendance expectations which have been developed from UDAC's decades of experience and successful results in competitive swimming & diving at all levels.  As with any sport or activity, progress is directly related to the amount of practice time and commitment to training. Those who faithfully fulfill workout expectations will develop the regimen essential for advancement to higher training groups, plus experience improved performance in competition. UDAC encourages swimming and diving participants to have outside interests with the realization that increased commitment and focus will become necessary to train and compete at higher levels as they mature and goals develop.